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In order to meet the stringent standards required to achieve and maintain our NSF accreditation, our manufacturing controls and product testing are of paramount importance. In addition it was essential we ensure that our products are competitively priced to deliver added value to both distributors and consumers alike, so we made the strategic decision to manufacture our products in China, but with Icon Technology Systems Ltd directly controlling our production operation to ensure that we deliver the high quality standards we have set for the product range.

To that end, we have secured manufacturing facilities based in Southern China, only two hours north of Hong Kong. This allows us to use our own management team to directly manage the production operation, utilising local labour as appropriate.

All production is carried out under clean room facilities (similar to low level pharmaceutical operations), using six sigma processes which is very much at the leading edge of manufacturing for water filtration products.

These key processes are subsequently measured and controlled on an on-going basis with quality checks on every water filter produced. Products are routinely sampled from the production line on a statistical basis and these are tested to agreed performance parameters within the in-house production test facilities, additional testing is carried out in Europe and America to test filter performance with varying water feeds.

As part of our NSF accreditation, the facilities are also externally audited annually.

Any component parts that are manufactured by third party suppliers have been rigorously selected to ensure that consistency in product quality and delivery is attained. We have a great ‘can-do’ attitude to design and development input as well as manufacturing, and via our in-house facilities we typically have shorter and more cost effective lead-times to market. This is a significant strategic advantage over our competitors.