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ecofriendly, eco3 can lower your carbon footprint by over 90%

eco3 does this through the use of an innovative and patented design which means that only the cartridge needs replacing - not the whole filter assembly. This is invaluable for all users who are concerned about their impact on the environment. When conventional water filters are replaced, they are normally disposed of to landfill. Each conventional filter disposed of this way has the equivalent waste plastic disposal of 64 PET ‘coke’ bottles. Hence, each time a filter is sent to landfill it is equivalent to disposing of 64 PET bottles through this route. A modest office block would normally have 20 water dispense machines, which would result in the equivalent of over 2500 PET ‘coke’ bottle equivalents being disposed of to landfill each year using conventional water filters. As the pressures on landfill sites increase globally, and the cost of disposing through this route escalates, a greener alternative is essential for all water filter systems of the future.