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ecopure, sealed in a protective sleeve

The eco3 cartridge is sealed in a patented protective sleeve. This means that it is impossible to make physical contact with the media, this being the part of the filter that does the actual work of removing any contaminants in the water supply. This is key as it ensures that there is no contamination on service or replacement of the filter system, which is when this is most likely to occur Our aim, in designing eco3, was to deliver a filter system, which works more effectively by removing targeted contaminants in the water supply, and not having to deal with additional contaminants that have inadvertently been added to the water supply through unhygienic processes. eco 3 has also been designed with flexibility in mind. The system is flexible enough to accommodate most types of filter media, within the one platform. NSF accreditation has also been attained across the product range and details are available on our Accreditations page in the Resources section. In short, eco3 provides complete filtration flexibility.