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Products - Direct Feed Range

The eco3 Direct Feed (DF) range of products are designed to deliver environmentally friendly water filtration but in a cost effective manner. They represent the value component of the eco3 range.

This is achieved through the utilisation of our innovative and patented hygienic cartridge design which means that only the cartridge needs replacing – not the whole filter assembly. In addition, the feed and outlet pipes are fitted directly onto the filter itself meaning there is no requirement for a filter head with associated complexity and costs. The result is a filter that delivers convenience and practicality in the field week in, week out and which does so in a way that saves you money and helps the environment.

Standard DF Range

eco3 DF+ Range

Offers both the silver and bronze variants with polyphosphate for the reduction or inhibition of scale in hard water areas. This delivers a cost effective solution for water hardness in Office Coffee Services and other hot and cold water beverage applications.