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The eco3 product range combines innovative design, technology and engineering to deliver a greener water filtration solution, cost effectively. This is achieved through the utilisation of our innovative and patented hygienic cartridge design which means that only the cartridge needs replacing – not the whole filter assembly. It also has the flexibility to utilise multiple filters from a wide range of filtration media, with NSF accreditation where required. The range is constantly expanding, meeting the needs of a number of markets including point of use water filtration, Office Coffee Services (OCS), water boilers and ice machines to name but a few.

Valved Head Range

The eco3 Valved Head (VH) family of products is conveniently divided into three comprehensive ranges. These comprise the Gold, Silver and Bronze ranges, which provide the unique benefits of the eco3 platform, whilst offering flexibility in both the media utilised, the filtration performance required and the price point. Additionally, we provide eco3+ options for the reduction of scale, eco3 XF for use in high silt/sediment applications, a chloramine option and eco3SF for pre-filtration.

XF Range

Certain geographical regions have inherently high silt or sediment content in the water supply, often not visible to the naked eye. It is critical that this contaminant is removed to prolong the life of the water filter in the field and maintain filtration performance. The eco3 XF range is specifically designed to address such situations utilizing a unique depth filtration membrane, which produces a filter that outperforms its competition in such conditions.

Reverse Osmosis System

A new eco3 Reverse Osmosis product has been developed to deliver a new product with unique features and benefits, which utilizes all of the features of the eco3 range. The launch is imminent; see the RO product page for further detail.

Direct Feed Range

The eco3 Direct Feed (DF) range of products are designed to deliver environmentally friendly water filtration but in a cost effective manner. They represent the value component of the eco3 range, with the feed and outlet pipes fitted directly onto the filter itself meaning there is no requirement for a filter head with associated complexity and costs.

eco3 Accessories

To get the most out of the eco3 range of filters, we have designed and produced a range of complimentary accessories that support the objective of bringing water filtration into the 21st century. These range from the econnect manifold system, that efficiently mounts and connects two filters in parallel or sequence without the need for piping and fittings, to the unique condenser mounting bracket for the quick and easy attachment of an eco3 filter onto the rear of a water cooler.