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Products - XF Range

The eco3 XF product range has been specifically designed to address difficult silt or sediment problems found in water supplies. In certain regions of the world, for example the North East of the US, such problems are prevalent and adversely affect the performance and reduce the life of the filter in the field.

Utilizing the eco3 platform, with all of its distinctive features and benefits, the XF product range addresses these issues through the use of a unique multi layer, depth filtration membrane that provides superior performance in areas that have challenging silt or sediment problems. This membrane effectively protects the core media within the filter, removing the silt or sediment in a way that maintains flow rate and filtration performance. On test, we have shown that the eco3 XF outperforms its competitors in such situations, prolonging life and performance whilst delivering environmental benefits.

The XF range is offered on both gold and silver variants as shown below: